Using taco to create Ionic projects for the Windows platform

Recently Microsoft released Tools for Apache Cordova Command Line Interface (TACO CLI), by using TACO, you can quickly start building awesome Apache Cordova apps really and leave all the plumbing of the different platforms dependencies, plugins, etc. to the tools to take care of. For example the following few commands create a cordova project based on the ionic base template, add the android platform to the project, install the platform requirements, build the app, and run it in the emulator: $ taco create sampleApp --template $ cd sampleApp $ taco platform add android $ taco install-reqs android $ taco build android $ taco emulate android Check the TACO home page of for installation instructions and more information . I ran into a problem when i created a new project based on the ionic base template and tried to run it on a windows 8.1 emulator, to reproduce the issue use the following taco commands to cr

bower.config in VS 2015 (RTM): packages versions are not loading correctly

While working the VS 2015 RTM, I found that IntelliSense in bower.config file cannot load the versions of the packages. the problem is reported here , and the solution that worked for me is to install the git tools and run the command git config --global url."http://".insteadOf "git://" then restarting VS. this will hopefully solve the problem.

Portable Class Library Projects and MVVM Light

With Portable Class Library Projects you can create a single library that can target different platforms (e.g. Windows Phone, .Net, Windows Store Apps). For most of the modern apps it’s kind of mandatory to use the MVVM pattern, a famous MVVM library is Laurent Bugnion MVVM Light library. In this post we will walk through the steps needed to create a Portable Class Library that uses the MVVM Light library and targets the Windows Phone 8 and .Net for Windows Store Apps frameworks. I will be using Visual Studio 2012 with Update 3. - Let’s create a new Portable Class Library project and name it MyApp.Core, the solution name will be MyApp - We will target the Windows Phone 8 and .Net for Windows Store Apps - We will create two applications, the first is a Windows Store Blank Application named MyApp.Win8 and the second is a Windows Phone 8 named MyApp.WP8 - We will add a reference to the Portable Class Library Project MyApp.Core to the Windows Store Project and the

Video Recordings of Our Latest Event

Here are the links for the sessions recordings for our last community event that was held in Khobar: - Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) - Windows 8 Development Jumpstart - Kinect Development

DevLifeStyle February 2013 Sessions Recordings

Recordings for our last DevLifeStyle event Connecting Window 8 Store Applications to the Cloud BizTalk Server 2013 Next generation user interaction devices Introduction to NoSQL

Windows Azure takes over Amazon Cloud

Microsoft Windows Azure takes over Amazon's cloud in performance test, read the full story here Info graphic on the result

DevLifeStyle VS2012 Launch Event

here are the recordings from our last event. Windows Azure Development in Visual Studio 2012 Modern App Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012   Async/Parallel Programming in .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012   Developing Windows 8 Store Applications using Visual Studio 2012