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Portable Class Library Projects and MVVM Light

With Portable Class Library Projects you can create a single library that can target different platforms (e.g. Windows Phone, .Net, Windows Store Apps). For most of the modern apps it’s kind of mandatory to use the MVVM pattern, a famous MVVM library is Laurent Bugnion MVVM Light library. In this post we will walk through the steps needed to create a Portable Class Library that uses the MVVM Light library and targets the Windows Phone 8 and .Net for Windows Store Apps frameworks.I will be using Visual Studio 2012 with Update 3.- Let’s create a new Portable Class Library project and name it MyApp.Core, the solution name will be MyApp- We will target the Windows Phone 8 and .Net for Windows Store Apps - We will create two applications, the first is a Windows Store Blank Application named MyApp.Win8and the second is a Windows Phone 8 named MyApp.WP8- We will add a reference to the Portable Class Library Project MyApp.Core to the Windows Store Project and the Windows Phone 8 project- The …