Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Scrolling DataGrid (.Net CF)

this is what i found on the net on how to scroll a data grid
//Get a reference to the scroll bars in the data grid
VScrollBar vsb = (VScrollBar)grd.GetType().GetField("m_sbVert", BindingFlags.NonPublic|BindingFlags.GetField|BindingFlags.Instance).GetValue(grd);

HScrollBar hsb = (HScrollBar)grd.GetType().GetField("m_sbHorz", BindingFlags.NonPublic|BindingFlags.GetField|BindingFlags.Instance).GetValue(grd);

hsb.Value=hsb.Maximum ;
vsb.Value=vsb.Maximum ;

if anyone knows how to do the same for a ListView please let me know


Roland Beuker said...

Hello Mosalem,

The code:

//Get a reference to the scroll bars in the data grid
VScrollBar vsb = (VScrollBar)mScanDataGrid.GetType().GetField("m_sbVert", BindingFlags.NonPublicBindingFlags.GetFieldBindingFlags.Instance).GetValue(mScanDataGrid);

Is not working on .Net 2.0 (CF) :-( NonPublicBindingFlags is not a member of BindingFlags anymore. Do you know had to get the vertical scroll bar now?

Roland Beuker said...

Or do you have another method for scrolling to the last row of a datagrid (client framework)?

Mosalem said...

Hello Roland,
the code above is working on .Net V 2.0, it just had some HTML special characters that didn't appear, i fixed it you can see it aboe

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