Monday, December 29, 2008

Documentum BizTalk Adapter V0.1 Available for Download

You can download the Documentum BizTalk Adapter from here

Installation Steps:

- Extract the zip file to the BizTalk Folder (X:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server)

- The registry file adds the necessary keys to the registry, please note that the registry file assumes that you installed BizTalk server on the C drive so if your installation is in a different drive just change the drive letter in the registry file

- Double click the registry file to create the keys

- Open the BizTalk Administration Console and go to Platform Settings, right click the Adapters folder and select New Adapter

- Enter “Documentum Adapter” in the Name, and select the Documentum Adapter from the list, click ok and restart the host instance


- Now you should be able to see the Documentum Adapter in the list of the available adapters when you create a new send port

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Anonymous said...

Hi, where can I download this adapter? Thanks.