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SQL Server 2005 Collation Issue

I ran into this strange behavior of SQL Server 2005, I have Asp.Net 2.0 Application that is connecting to a SQL 2000 db with collation Arabic_CI_AS, in the application i run a SQL query like follows Select * from Users where UserName like '%احمد%' the query works as expected and returns the result, then i modified the application to connect to a SQL Server 2005 database with collation SQL Latin collation and the query no longer returns results, i checked and made sure that the column UserName has a collation Arabic_CI_AS (to be like the SQL 2000 db) and still no results was returned. I had to change the collation of the whole database to be Arabic_CI_AS (which is a new feature in SQL 2005), after that the query worked as expected.

.netTiers 2.0

The new version of .netTiers template for CodeSmith is Excellent, it's even better than BLINQ Download it here