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Documentum BizTalk Adapter

EMC Documentum (for those who don't know) is a great enterprise content management system which I started working with about two years ago. I have to say that I'm a lucky that I started with Documentum in this specific period as Documentum is entering the SOA world with wide steps, recently they released the Documentum Foundations Services (DFS) which is their SOA Development Framework for Documentum. they are also developing a new Client for Information Workers (Code name Magellan) that contains the Web 2.0 functionality (wikis, blogs, social networking, RSS feeds, tagging and more) For a quick info in Magellan Read the FAQ You may know that I love BizTalk Server, I decided that I should develop a Custom Documentum BizTalk Adapter, I know that there may be simpler solutions to do this like creating a web service on top of Documentum (Like FirstDoc web service ) but this will be a good way to practice creating a custom adapter for BizTalk Server 2006. Here is my plan for the f

Accessing the Properties of a Web User Control from JavaScript

I ran into this situation where I have a web user control (*.ascx file), in this control I defined some properties that will control the appearance and the logic of the user control public partial class WebUserControl : System.Web.UI.UserControl { protected void Page_Load( object sender, EventArgs e) { } public string Address { get; set; } } I wanted to be able access this property from JavaScript from the web page that hosts the user control like this document.getElementById( '<%=WebUserControl1.ClientID %>' ).Address My idea is as follows: - Add a hidden input control to the user control - Override the ClientID property of the user control to return the ClientID of the hidden input, so when you write the following JavaScript in the page hosting the user control document.getElementById( '<%=WebUserControl1.ClientID %>' ).Address what will happen is that you will set the value of an attribute on the hidden input this wi

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