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Silverlight 4.0 Tutorial (12 of N): Collecting Attendees Feedback using Windows Phone 7

You can find a list of the previous tutorial posts here Continuing our RegistrationBooth Application… It’s very important to collect the attendees feedback to help us improve the future sessions/events we might organize, we can go ahead and implement this functionality in the RegistrationBooth application. but in this post we will take a different approach, we will implement a Windows Phone 7 application that attendees can use on their phones to submit their feedback. Luckily for us Windows Phone 7 uses Silverlight as its development platform (along with XNA), the Silverlight version on Windows Phone is not the same one as the desktop version, think of this as a compact version that fits the phone capabilities. Before we start creating the phone application, first let’s think how we will bring the data to the phone, in the case of the Silverlight application we used WCF RIA services (DomainService) which provided rich client experience for the Silverlight application, Unfortunate