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ASP.NET RadioButtonList and AJAX

I ran into a very strange problem that happens when you use a RadioButtonList as a trigger for an UpdatePanel, you can read more about this problem here

Asp.Net Forms Authentication, Cached User Control and Session ID

I faced the following problem that i wanted to share with you, I have a user control that populates a menu to be shown to the user, the menu is populated based on the user privileges. i wanted to cache this user control so that the menu population logic won't run for every page request, so i decided to cache the output of the user control based on the SessionID, to do this i added the following attribute to the control <%@ OutputCache Duration="1" VaryByCustom="Session" VaryByParam="None" %> the VaryByCustom attribute allows you to vary the cached output by your defined string, having specifying the "Session" as my defined string i had to override the HttpApplication.GetVaryByCustomString method in the Global.asax file Overrides Function GetVaryByCustomString( ByVal context As HttpContext, ByVal custom As String ) As String If custom = "Session" Then Return Session.SessionID Else

071-510 TS: Team Foundation Server

I took this beta exam earlier today, most questions were on the customization of the process template, work item types, the TFS command line tools and Security and permissions. the only useful resource i found is the Visual Studio Team Foundation Administrator's Guide . i should know the result within weeks, wish me luck :)