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TFS Articles

If you would like to learn Team Foundation Server, follow my series of articles available on the DevLifeStyle Community web site. currently there are three articles in this series available here ( part1 , part2 , part3 )

DevLifeStyle Community Event

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Team Foundation Server 2008 Installation

Recently i installed TFS 2008, there are some tips that i wanted to share with you : - If you are going to use SQL Server 2008 on your data tier you must install SP1 for Team Foundation Server, if this is the first time to install TFS, you should integrate the SP1 files with the TFS installation, you can find more on how to do this in the installation guide - The reporting services must be installed on the application tier - There's a known bug regarding the TFS reports with SQL Server Reporting Services, you can get a hotfix for this from Microsoft support, refer to this knowledge base article for more info