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Silverlight 4.0 with SharePoint 2010 (1 of 2)

It’s been a while since I used SharePoint as I was focusing lately on Silverlight, In this post I will start exploring how to use Silverlight 4.0 with SharePoint 2010, I must mention that I’m not a SharePoint expert so please feel free to update me if there’s something mentioned that is not correct. What I like about SharePoint 2010 is that Silverlight comes right out of the box. The first thing you will note when you access SharePoint2010 sites (assuming that you have Silverlight installed) is that SP2010 makes use of Silverlight in many places, for example the Create Dialog is a just a Silverlight application Also the videos you upload to SP2010 assets libraries are played using a Silverlight media player the entry point for you Silverlight application into SharePoint is the Silverlight Web Part which is built into SP2010, you can insert this web part into any web page Let’s try to use this web part, first we will create a Silverlight application, Start Visual Studio –&

Join us @ ROCS

The first Riyadh Online Community Summit (ROCS) will be held on 21-22 October. this is the first online event in Riyadh organized by Riyadh Communities (RSUG, DevLifeStyle , WindowsPhoneME ), we are having speakers from the local communities as well as MVPs from all over the world. the detailed agenda can be found here Registration link

Silverlight 4.0 Tutorial (9 of N): Using the WebCam as a Barcode Scanner

You can find a list of the previous tutorial posts here Continuing our RegistrationBooth Application, we want to allow registered users to evaluate sessions, we don’t have a credentials store in our application so to identify the registered attendees we will use a simpler approach, in part2 we allowed printing a name tag for registered attendees, this name tag contains a barcode of the attendee id, in this post we will see how can we use the new Silverlight 4.0 WebCam functionality to be able to scan/read barcodes and extract the attendee id to identify the corresponding attendee. During PDC09 Keynote, Scott Guthrie demonstrated a Silverlight Application that scans a book ISBN barcode and passes this ISBN to Amazon web service to retrieve the book information, we will reuse the code from this sample which can be downloaded from here . This sample actually uses a code from a CodeProject Article (by Berend Engelbrecht) that detects barcodes inside an image. the code is located in