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Paul Graham gives neat advices to startups

Consuming Services from Client Side JavaScript (Part II)

In the previous post we discussed how we can call server side web/WCF services from JavaScript. in this post we will discuss how we can use Java Script Object Notation (JSON) to send/receive objects between client side JavaScript and server side services JSON JSON is a text based, human readable, platform independent data exchange format. it’s build on JavaScript object notations which allows you to define an object as a list of members and values that are enclosed in curly braces ( {} ), each member is delimited by a comma. Within each member, the name and value are delimited by a colon ( : ). the following example shows how you can define the object Car <script type= "text/javascript" > function DisplayCarInfo() { var car= { "Name" : "Mondeo" , "Model" : 2009, "Maker" : "Ford" , "Drivetrains" : "RWD" }; alert(car.Name); alert(car.Maker); alert(car.Model); alert(car.Drivetr