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Surface 2.0 SDK Released

The long awaited Surface 2.0 SDK has been just released. to get started go to the new Surface Developer Center and download the SDK. Once downloaded and installed, start VS2010, you will find the Surface 2.0 project templates available Let’s create a sample application, I will create a simple twitter client (hopefully before scottgu creates it) let’s name it TwittSurf Once we created the project you will have the same project structure as you have in the Surface 1.0 version, let’s create our UI < s : SurfaceWindow x : Class ="TwittSurf.SurfaceWindow1"     xmlns =""     xmlns : x =""     xmlns : s =""     Title ="TwittSurf"     Loaded ="SurfaceWindow_Loaded" >      < Grid >          < s : ScatterView >                  < s : ScatterViewItem

Portable Library Tools

With the introduction of Windows Phone 7.0 a new opportunity emerged for Silverlight developers, this new platform uses Silverlight (a version of Silverlight 3.0) as the main framework to build applications on the phone. When building applications for Silverlight and WP7 you will find that you can reuse some of the code across the two platforms, Linked source files were used to share code between WP7 and Silverlight projects along with the use of compilation directives. Microsoft introduced a new way to create code that targets multiple platforms, it’s a Visual Studio Add-In called Portable Library Tools (Available here ) Portable Library Tools is a new Visual Studio add-in from Microsoft that enables you to create C# and Visual Basic libraries that run on a variety of .NET-based platforms without recompilation. In this post we are going to build a sample application for WP7 and Silverlight that uses the Portable Class Library Tools. We will create a CustomersExplorer appl

DevLifeStyle Community: June 2011 Event Recordings

I uploaded the sessions recordings for our last event to YouTube, you can find the list here: