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Documentum BizTalk Adapter V0.1 Available for Download

You can download the Documentum BizTalk Adapter from here Installation Steps: - Extract the zip file to the BizTalk Folder (X:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server) - The registry file adds the necessary keys to the registry, please note that the registry file assumes that you installed BizTalk server on the C drive so if your installation is in a different drive just change the drive letter in the registry file - Double click the registry file to create the keys - Open the BizTalk Administration Console and go to Platform Settings, right click the Adapters folder and select New Adapter - Enter “Documentum Adapter” in the Name, and select the Documentum Adapter from the list, click ok and restart the host instance - Now you should be able to see the Documentum Adapter in the list of the available adapters when you create a new send port

Documentum BizTalk Adapter V0.1 (Using the Adapter to send Custom Type Documents)

In the previous post I showed how we can use the adapter to send files to Documentum to be stored as documents of type “dm_document”. A more practical use for the adapter is to use the adapter to send files to be stored as custom type documents, to do so we need to create a schema that reflects the custom type definition, I employed the adapter metadata wizard, here is a walkthrough on how to use this functionality: - create a new empty BizTalk project, right click the project in the solution explorer and click add generated item - The add adapter wizard will open, in the first step select the Dynamic Documentum Adapter - On the next step enter the credentials to connect to Documentum and choose the Docbase - In the next step select the custom type you want to import its schema (here I have a custom type purchaseorder that has the following attributes: ponumber(string), supplier(string), podate(time), items(repeating string) ) - click the finish button and the wiza

Documentum BizTalk Adapter V0.1 (Using The Adapter to send Un-typed Documents)

I finished developing the features I planned for the first release of the Documentum BizTalk Adapter. I will try to package the adapter and make it available for download next week. The adapter allows you to send documents to Documentum Content Server from within BizTalk Server 2006, you can use the adapter in two ways: 1- either send a file to be stored as a document of the general type “dm_document” 2- or use the adapter to send a file to be stored as a document of a certain custom type, in this case I use the add adapter metadata wizard to generate a schema for the selected custom type In this post I will demonstrate the first way, to do so I created a BizTalk messaging solution that allows you to drop files in a specific folder and automatically these files are sent to Documentum to be stored as objects of type “dm_document”, here are the steps: - From BizTalk server administration, I created a new Receive Port “ReceiveInputFile” and associated a receive location with thi