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Documentum (DFS) and Silverlight

Anyone happens to know if there are any plans from EMC to provide a productivity layer for working with DFS from Silverlight??

Azure Reader Architecture

As i promised you before i will explain the Azure Reader application, a sample RSS reader based on the azure platform, in this post i will walk you through the application architecture and code. let’s start by describing our data model which is fairly simple, we have a table for storing the Feeds (ID and URL), and we have a table FeedsSubscriptions for storing the users’ subscriptions to the feeds, feeds items are stored in the FeedsItems table where we store the different properties of the feed item like title, URL, author, publish time, etc., the actual content and summary of the feed item is not stored in the database directly instead the content is stored in windows azure blob storage and is referenced in the table using the ContentBlobUri and SummaryBlobUri fields. the application has three roles, 1 web role and two worker roles - the azure reader web role: this is the application that allows the users to login, subscribe to feeds, and view the new items. I use win