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I'm Back!!

Wow!! my last post here was about 9 months ago!!, i almost forgot that i have a blog :) , Here are what happened to me during the past months: I got married :) I performed Hajj (thanks to Allah) I joined NesmaCMS  as a Development Team Leader  Now is just a great time in the IT and software development industry, the amount of new technologies (coming out of Microsoft of course) is overwhelming, just a few days ago Microsoft started its global launch wave all over the world for a three major products (Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008), KSA was the first country in the middle east to host the launch, i attended the launch event  in Riyadh last Monday, about over 1500 Developers and IT professionals were there. Another thing i should mention here is that SilverLight beta2 is out , Enjoy :)