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Silverlight 4.0 Tutorial (6 of N): Working with the ItemsControl

Read Previous Posts: Part1 , Part2 , Part3 , Part4 , Part5 In this part of the series we will build the event agenda - First let’s try to make some room on the UI for the agenda, add a new row to the LayoutRoot grid, make sure that the attendees ListBox has RowSpan=2, then move the DataForm to the lower right cell, we will display the agenda in the upper right cell, Now our home page should look like the following - To build the agenda let’s recall our data model, we have a table TimeSlot that contains the different time slots in the event, each session is assigned to one time slot and each time slot can have one or more session. - We will need to retrieve all the time slots along with the sessions in each time slot, to do this go to the RegistrationDomainService.cs file in the RegistrationBooth.Web project, change the GetTimeSlots method as follows public IQueryable < TimeSlot > GetTimeSlots()         {             ret