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Silverlight 4.0 Tutorial (11 of N): Roulette Behavior

You can find a list of the previous tutorial posts here Continuing our RegistrationBooth Application… In most of the offline events we hold, there are some giveaways for the audience (most of the time the prize is XBOX). Picking a winner is manual process where we collect the feedback forms, put it in a big box/bag, shake the box/bag and turn it upside down multiple times to make sure that the forms are scrambled enough so that when we pick a form it will be a random one , not the best process I know. So in this post we will add to our RegistrationBooth application the ability to perform a random draw. we already have our attendees listed in a PathListBox , wouldn’t it be nice if this list can spin like a roulette till it stops at the lucky winner, let’s see how we can implement this. I thought it’s better if we implement this feature as a behavior so that we can easily apply it to any PathListBox , I will call this behavior RouletteBehavior . To create a behavior we need to de

Expression Blend Demo

In our last community event I delivered a session about using Expression Blend to build Silverlight Applications, many people asked me for the demo project I used, This time I will not write a blog post to walk you through the demo, instead I thought I will give it a try and record a video of the demo, here is the video please let me know your feedback.